The National ‘Read & Rise’ Qur’an Competition


The competition aims to strengthen the interaction between Muslims in UK, to motivate young Muslims to abide by the teachings of Islam and to help them recognize their duties towards their Islamic mission. Thus the competition acts as a means to confirm Islamic values and their importance in life. The Competition sees Islam as a dynamic force, which inspires its followers to actively engage in society, bringing to society a sincere concern for its betterment and a message of tolerance, peace and optimism.


Why this Project?

Muslims in the UK are experiencing divisions due to differences in ideology and direction of various groups, sects and ethnic/cultural backgrounds. The foundations of Islam act to unite Muslims with each other and with their communities instead of dividing them due to differences in orientations. Many Muslims at present are absorbed in the stale historic debates and distractions with minor issues, which have held them back for centuries. These debates have little relevance to British society or the essence of the true Islamic faith. Furthermore, the British citizens who belong to the Islamic religion require living their lives in commitment and faith without reservation or feelings of compromise.

Once the Muslim community develops a strong faith and sense of purpose, it can realize its potential in becoming a stable and cohesive community; a community that has strong family values and is independent, caring and supportive; a community with a strong sense of morality and loyalty, justice and duty and one that is hospitable, charitable and concerned for the wider society.


What and Where?

The Quran Competition targets all Muslims in the UK, of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, social statuses and ideological orientations. It aims to bring together Muslims in the UK to serve the Holy Quran and to promote the general standard of the Quranic performance. The learning and memorization of the Quran is a strong force that can gather Muslims and encourage them to participate in a common activity. Through organizing local contests for the memorizers of the Holy Quran from the various parts of the country, the Quran Competition will be a new platform for Muslims in the UK to come together. The UK’s First National ‘Read & Rise’ Qur’an Competition was successfully completed in October 2010, with over 3000 participants. All participants received signed award certificates and showed a desire to apply for subsequent ‘Read & Rise’ competitions. The greatest achievements of the competition were reflected in the engagement of diverse ethnicities and age groups and an even contribution male & female competitors.


Achievements and How they were done?

The Quran Competition honors the outstanding memorizers of the Holy Quran, personalities or institutions that have provided outstanding services to Islam and Muslims either in UK or worldwide. The competition also organizes forums, seminars and lectures related to the Quranic studies and activities and seek spreading the Quranic culture. The competition is a platform for everyone to exhibit their talents. Sheikh Mubarak Abdul-Aziz al-Hassawi was the main sponsor of the first competition and we hope that he and other sponsors continue to be permanent funders of this project. Over 3000 participants attended the UK’s regional competitions, which were evenly male & female and were successful in engaging with diverse ethnic and age groups (Arab 29%, Pakistani 41%, Bengali 19%, Indian 7%, other 4%). Applicants reiterated their intention to apply for the competition for the subsequent year. In the future, the competition aims that its work be recognized and sanctioned as an independent welfare organization in the UK that will allow for the competition to continue on a permanent basis each year.


This year the Quran Competition will target these places:

Birmingham: To be decided later

London: 22nd September

Manchester: To be decided later

Glasgow: 29th September