Quran Competition 2014 Terms and Conditions

For more information on the competition Click Here. To register: read the terms below and fill in the form, completing all sections accurately before clicking on send.
  • 1) No Imams (from UK or abroad, part-time or full-time Imams) are allowed to compete.
  • 2) Only those who have residency in the UK or EEA countries can take part (as well as nationals of these countries holding passports, this can include temporary work documents and student visas). For a full list of EEA countries visit https://www.gov.uk/eu-eea.
  • 3) Previous Read & Rise competition winners (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place) must compete in a higher category. For example, in 2012 if they came 2nd in the 10 Juzz, they will have to compete in the 15 Juzz or higher this year.
  • 4) Previous winners of the 30 Juzz category (1st, 2nd or 3rd) cannot compete.
  • 5) Contestants can only compete in one category.
  • 6) Contestants can only compete in one region
  • 7) Contestants can choose any region (irrespective of which city they live in).
  • 8) Contestants can choose any chapter/s to be tested on, for example if they are competing in the 5 Juzz category, they can select any 5 chapters in the Quran.
  • 9) Note: there will be NO questions on tafsir (exegesis).
  • 10) Contestants who arrive late may be disqualified. Therefore, it is encouraged for contestants to arrive early.
  • 11) Parents are not allowed to sit with their children when the children are being tested.
  • 12) The judge's decision is final.
  • 13) No headphones or recording equipment are permitted in the test room.
  • 14) Identification displaying name, age and address must be made available if requested.
  • 15) Age of contestants is determined using the day of the competition for which the contestant is attending.
  • 16) Pictures & videos of the event will be uploaded to the internet. Those who do not wish to have their picture/video taken or uploaded must inform the organising committee on the day and in writing.
  • 17) Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations may lead to disqualification.
  • 18) Any complaints must be made to the organising committee in writing.
  • 19) There will be audio recording of each participant's recitation. (If contestants choose not to have their voice recorded when reciting then this may jeopardise their chances of winning if their score is tied with another contestant).
  • 20) The winners will be decided based on the highest scores from the regional competitions and so there will be no finals. If there are contestants with the same score then the winner will be decided based on the quality of the voice and it will be the judge's decision.
  • 21) Contestants who have Ijaaza* in Hifz (memorisation) cannot compete.
  • 22) Contestants who are deemed ‘professional’^ reciters by the Judges cannot compete
  • *Ijaaza: being certified by a Scholar of Quran ^Professional: includes for example having a TV &/or Radio contract/agreement for reciting or Hifz (or similar coverage of their talent in this field) (Contestants should consult the organisers if they are unsure of these terms, particularly points 21 & 22).
  • NOTE:

    You can apply for any age category that is above your age but not below. For example: If you are 9 years old or younger you can compete in any age category i.e you can compete in either the under 10, under 16 or the '16 & over' category. If you are aged between 10-15 you can compete in the under 16s or over 16s category (but not the under 10s). If you are 16 & over you can only compete in the 16 & over category. N.B. 'Age of contestants is determined using the day of the competition for which the contestant is attending'.

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